Joji Yang ( Group Director ) 

From the tender age of 8, Joji begun by accompanying his father to deliver timber throughout Malaysia, especially during the school holidays. At the age of 18 while others were enjoying their teenage life, Joji started learning all he could about timber. With his extensive experience in the timber industry since 1987 with San Chuan Timber Sdn Bhd, Joji is now regarded as a specialist in building materials and building methodology. He is also an authority in Timber Species identification and is working closely with the Malaysia Timber Industry Board (MTIB) to promote sustainable tropical timber usage. 

Joji was inspired since his youth to explore and learn how he could build an ecologically and environmentally sustainable green concept homes. With over 30 years of prolific experience in building design and materials, Joji is the captain of SANC Group, always inspiring the team with new breakthrough concepts and corporate strategy towards the next evolutionary growth of the organisation.

Johnson Yang ( Managing Director ) 

After completing his secondary education, Johnson pursued his undergraduate education in Australia, obtaining a degree in Environmental Engineering from the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology. Upon graduating with 2nd upper honors, Johnson decided to leave Melbourne for Singapore in 2000 despite Singapore facing an economic downturn at that point in time. Johnson joined E’max Environmental International Pte Ltd as an Environmental Engineer where he was in charge of the production and technical support of the company.  In 2002, due to a change in direction, the stakeholders of E’max opted to cease operations and close off the company.

Johnson then decided to further his post graduate studies at the National University of Singapore (NUS) after winning a 2 year scholarship for the Masters Engineering Program . After graduating from NUS in 2005, Johnson decided he was ready and well equipped to help with the family business and joined SANC Group. Well versed in environmentally friendly building and design concepts, Johnson is the person in charge of the group management.

Mahadi Bakir (Project Director, Malaysia) 

Upon graduating with a Diploma in Architecture from Entrepreneur Development Institute in Kuala Lumpur, Mahadi has been in the architectural industry since 1993. Mahadi has contributed in numerous projects involving the design and construction of commercial and industrial units, which include 6 units of Light Industrial Factory in Senawang and 50 units of Terrace House at Ampangan, Seremban. With these experience, Mahadi then joined Norzakiah Voon & Thang Architect Sdn Bhd in 1996 where he was appointed Project Designer for a number of projects such as the renovation of Public Bank Berhad Branches throughout Malaysia, 208 medium cost apartments at Nilai for Juta Selari Sdn Bhd, 274 medium cost apartments at Nilai for Jelita Kiara Sdn Bhd, Commercial development at Bandar Baru Bangi for Bangi Resort Development and Corporation (BRDC), Housing scheme at Bandar Kinara for Perumahan Kinrara Bhd, Housing scheme at Klang for Perumahan Gutrie Bhd, and Mixed Housing Development at Cameron Highlands for Best Deluxe Sdn. Bhd.

In 2004, Mahadi joined Joehan Associates Sdn Bhd as Project Director and completed the Office/factory at Glemmarie, Kuala Lumpur for Silverstone Sdn Bhd, Office/factory at Rawang for Vintage Tiles Sdn Bhd, 6 factory units at Batang Kali for Peps_Jv (M) Sdn Bhd, Office block at Semenyih for Bennova Mech. Engineering Sdn Bhd, Office block at Bangi for KVC Electric Sdn Bhd, 3 bungalows at Templer Park, Rawang for Sunshine Height Sdn Bhd, and  3 storey commercial buildings at Nilai for Ban Siong Furniture & Elec. Co.. With Mahadi’s extensive expertise and experience, he is indeed an asset to the ambitions of SANC Group.

Joehan Yang (Project Director, Australia & New Zealand) 

After his architectural degree from the Queens University of Belfast and work experience in Kuala Lumpur, Joehan continued his architecture graduate diploma at De Montfort University Leicester, UK and returned to Kuala Lumpur to pursue his architectural career. He has involved in numerous projects of various types and sizes from project initiation through to completion. Projects such as design & implement the corporate layout for Public Bank Berhad branches throughout Malaysia, DHL Head office for Southeast Asia region at Puchong Malaysia, initiated Phase II of PTP Port, Johor Baru where he coordinated the local and international consultant groups from the UK working with Local council, Port Authority, Government Technical Departments for the RM2.0 billion newest seaport next to Singapore, Orchid Deluxe Park the largest mixed housing development 800 units at Cameron Highland home of BOH Tea Malaysia, MANZ the international dairying project (NZ$ 35mil) created to develop and operate in both Malaysian (MA) - New Zealand (NZ), Waihi Academy Complex (NZ$ 45mil) the largest building construction project ever in Hauraki District NZ, La Chi Tibetan Meditation Centre at Tauhoa NZ (NZ$ 10mil) for one of the four main schools of Tibetan Buddhism, and etc. Joehan is currently in-charge of SΛNC New Zealand.

  • Public Bank Berhad: Design, manage and coordinate the latest corporate layout into over 200 branches nationwide and ATM banking for the 3rd largest Bank in Malaysia;
  • DHL Logistic Warehouse, Puchong: Design, manage and coordinate the construction of DHL Head office of the Southeast Asia region;
  • PTP Port - Phase II, Johor Baru: Project initiation, design and coordinate the local and international consultant group from the UK, Local council, Port Authority, Government Technical Departments and various local engineers for the RM2.0 billion (approx.NZ$800mil) phase II of the newest seaport next to Singapore;
  • Orchid Deluxe Park, Cameron Highland: Design, manage and coordinate the 800 units mixed housing development (approx.NZ$30mil), the largest mixed housing development for Cameron Highland, home of BOH Tea;
  • $35 mil MANZ Project: The international dairying project created to develop and operate the Malaysian (MA) - New Zealand (NZ) Dairy Farming and Training Project with sister-farms in Pahang State of Malaysia and Hauraki Plains of New Zealand;
  • $45 mil Waihi Academy Complex: The largest building construction project ever in Hauraki District. Design, manage and coordinate from design stage through to various construction stages to successful completion;
  • $10 mil La Chi Tibetan Meditation Centre, Tauhoa: Project initiation, design, manage and coordinate from design stage through to receiving of Resource Consent for one of the four main schools of Tibetan Buddhism;

Jorren Yang (Business Development Director, Australia) 

After completing his secondary education, Jorren pursued his tertiary education in Australia. Jorren graduated from Deakin University with a Degree in Bachelor of Commerce majoring in E-Commerce and Business Systems Management.

Jorren is currently in-charge of SANC Australia’s operations and development. Although Jorren is the youngest in the team, he has shown himself to be a strong and decisive leader who is known for his innovation and talent in property investment strategy and developments especially with Melbourne real estate market.