We are a group of ordinary men and women with only one ordinary vision:

To Enable More People to Own A Decent Home.

And we are doing it now. 

We aim to become a leading home provider through implementing SANC STRUCTURE SYSTEM (SSS) on innovative design with consistent virtue and integrity cultivation. 

Established in the late 1970’s, SANC Group’s main businesses are Property Development, Construction, Manufacturing of Integrated Industrialized Building System (IBS), Building Materials Supplies, Project Consultation and Licensed Private Financing. With Asia Pacific Headquarters in Singapore and production facilities in Malaysia, our representative offices are also located in Melbourne, Australia and Auckland, New Zealand. 

Through vertical integration, our hands-on approach affords us the privilege to capitalize on our related businesses for maximum profits. This ensures good control of the supply and costs of raw building materials, as well as being able to carefully manage all aspects of a development from start to finish as efficiently as possible. The end result is a property that is thoroughly designed, managed, and built, which makes possible a very high quality product available to end users at incredibly attractive prices.

Building Material & Construction Machinery Supply 

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SANC Group’s trading arm supplies sawn timber and processed timber products for packaging, furniture and formworks. The trading arm also supplies building materials such as cements, concrete, bricks & steel bars and construction machinery and spare parts under dealership of UMW for brands such as CASE and JCB.



Project Management & Consultation


A good project starts with a good concept and efficient design. SANC Group appreciates and understands that having a team of talented consultants who think out of the box often produce brilliant and cost saving ideas. Brain-storming sessions between the designers and the construction team are therefore an integral part of the process. Since 2005, the group’s one-stop management company have been successfully conceptualizing and executing various property development schemes. Our goal is to achieve a win-win relationship among all stakeholders and joint venture partners by identifying and developing land with the highest potential economic return alongside positive social values. Our work encompasses market research, risk analysis, project management and consultation. This also include obtaining the approval of authorities, project financing consultation, cost analysis, sales and marketing, end-financing sourcing and advice. Additionally, we operate a concept store known as Under1roof; a one stop home improvement centre spanning around 20,000 sq. ft. which offers a wide range of home furnishings and décor related products & services.  

Construction & SSS System (IBS)

A project would only be a true success if the elements of good design is able to be properly implemented and constructed with the right techniques. As such, we place utmost priority on our construction teams by constantly conducting research and development in order to update ourselves with the latest building and materials technologies which contribute towards the improvement of the quality and efficiency of our construction. The team is resolute in the full implementation of the Industrialized Building System (IBS) eventually, and to adopt the “cradle-to-grave” sustainable development philosophy in building safely and efficiently.

Property Development

SANC Group believes that high quality living goes beyond merely having a sustainable environment, but also in building a cohesive community. To achieve that, we design our properties to be supportive and capable of multi-generational families living under one roof by offering flexibility and adaptability for such future possibilities. With a design philosophy which caters each generation with their own private living space, whilst allowing accessibility to communal areas, these enable enhanced social interactions and communication between family members without sacrificing personal privacy and space. We hope building developments with such holistic concepts, would help nurture and strengthen the growing family unit and by extension its community, so as to attain a higher quality of life for all.

Licensed Private Financing

SANC Group possesses a license to provide lending which is authorised and regulated by the Ministry of Urban Wellbeing, Housing and Local Government in Malaysia. Our financing arm started out by giving personal capital credit to qualified applicants at interest rates approved by the authorities. Recently we have observed strong growth in the demand of credit financing, especially with the conventional banks gradual ratcheting up of creditworthy requirements, and imposing stricter terms and conditions on loan applicants. This inspired us to start looking into establishing a capital financing system that is backed by the hard asset property collateral especially for the newly wedded which have fallen through the gaps of the traditional banking requirement. We are looking to launch an innovative mortgage financing scheme in the near future to cater to this rapidly growing untapped market.